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Image by Ian Keefe

Marla Pedersen



My sister made these earrings, hand craf
Inspiration. #makeripples #createchange.
Another day of art class with ms Marla. Using various homemade inks and stains and looking



I am an artist, art teacher, proud mama, and stage IV cancer thriver. Each day we are given an opportunity to be the best person we can be, and each day I wake up, put my feet on the ground, and say thank you to another day. Art is an essential tool to my well being, my healing, and in sharing my vision and voice with others. I am a firm believer that using the arts to express yourself will provide a feeling of wholeness and connectivity that only creativity can provide. I want to do good, make art, and help others find their voice through making. Put in on paper, let it go, move your feelings from deep inside your soul and use them to tell your story. Art will allow your heart to mend, to swell, to love, to grieve, to open and be free. Using my art, I hope to teach the power of expressive arts healing and pass it on to others, one ripple at a time.

What is the story you need to tell? What is the story you need to set yourself free from? Let art be your guide. It doesn't have to be perfect or look like anything, or be for anyone else to see. Begin with a scribble, just begin.  

"Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire, and motivate." Art helps our souls grow, our life and spirit stay balanced, and keeps our minds active and curious. I want to share my love of art and its importance in our lives with you. Join me in my studio for an art class, a workshop, or inquire about original art for sale. I also create custom hand drawn invitations and cards for any occasion. Thank you for your support in choosing me to fulfill your creative aspiration. Let's build meaningful connections and community together through our art making. 

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